TerraCycle liquid worm poop lawn fertilizer is a great product if you can find it

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TerraCycle liquid worm poop lawn fertilizer

This is my second year of using TerraCycle liquid worm poop lawn fertilizer. TerraCycle is a natural fertilizer made using recycled garbage and worms. Instead of putting down harsh chemicals which can burn your lawn if applied to liberally or cause other harm to water supplies and your neighborhood. You can use a natural product that is just as effective if not superior. If better growing results or health and safety aren’t a concern to you. Then maybe considering cost will get your attention. The large bottle pictured above can do our decent sized yard multiple times. For a lower upfront cost than traditional lawn chemicals your getting more fertilizer applications for less money.

Since TerraCycle worm poop lawn fertilizer is natural based it won’t burn your lawn like traditional chemical fertilizers. While you should definitely follow application instructions and timeframes. You don’t have to worry about putting to much in one place and having your lawn burn. When looking at other lawns that have used traditional lawn chemical services. It’s my opinion that our lawn is just as nice. Granted there is some work to do in regards to weeds and unwanted types of grasses. However their are more natural ways to resolve these issues as well.

So far the results I’ve seen this year have been great. This is the first year that no chemical fertilizer or weed killer has been used with this lawn. Our landlord has been very gracious in allowing us the chance to show that natural products can shine. Again this year I’m putting the TerraCycle Garden Fertilizer to use. To me the plants look as if they have had a great growth cycle so far. In the end true results will be seen towards the end of the year. After we see how the plants and lawn hold up to the summer heat. Along with growth results.

Honestly the only problem with TerraCycle I’ve seen so far is finding where to purchase it. Target, Wal-Mart and Home Depot are suppose to carry the TerraCycle product line. I’m currently only affiliate with one of those companies. While the TerraCycle website list several websites to make online purchases. When I have looked at these sites none of them have had the TerraCycle products I want in stock. The new worm castings product has been easy to find locally though. Why TerraCycle won’t sell their products direct to consumer from their website online is beyond me. Especially when you have customers that aren’t getting to purchase the products they want.

When looking online again a few days ago Amazon had only the small bottle of TerraCycle Garden Fertilizer available. Wal-Mart, Target and Home Depot had no TerraCycle products available for online purchase. Locally last year our Wal-Mart on the Westside kept a decent supply of TerraCycle. Our last visit there a few days ago there were no TerraCycle products on the shelves. We have tried the other Wal-Mart across town as well. The local Springfield, IL Target has had the worm castings and garden fertilizer ( small size ) in stock. However they aren’t carrying the TerraCycle liquid worm poop lawn fertilizer or the larger version of the garden product. The Chatham Ace Hardware carries just the garden fertilizer from TerraCycle. Ace Hardware online doesn’t offer any of the companies product line.

We have been to Menards, Lowes, Meijer and several other places. The local store Food Fantasies doesn’t have any room to carry gardening or lawn products. Although they and County Market do carry some of the other eco-friendly products my household purchases. The closest Home Depot is 30 minutes away and we haven’t headed that way yet. I just find it frustrating and odd that a decent size community such as Springfield can’t have one store that keeps the TerraCycle product line in stock. I’m not sure if this is do to a bad distribution network. The lack of name brand recognition in regards to TerraCycle products. Supply and demand. Or just the unwillingness of retail stores to provide customers with choices other than poisonous chemicals.

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  • very interested in the business. wondering what is the number?

  • I live in Houston and has had the same problems looking for it.

  • TerraCycle now sells this product online directly. However I had a less than pleasant experience with their retail website. At the time I tested it shipping prices were more than the cost of the products being purchased. I’ve yet to head back to check if things have changed.

    They also weren’t offering https for check out. For security reason that put me off to making an online purchase with them.

    I use to live just outside of downtown Houston in Spring years ago. Off of FM-1960.

  • I live in Portland Oregon and only once found the liquid worm poop at a local family market that now is out of business. I try looking online for stores that carry it and can not find any!

  • TerraCycle Iggy Uncensored Amazon Store

    Amazon now carries a wide selection of TerraCycle products. The TerraCycle website may have also improved the customer purchasing experience. I’ve not given them a try since my first experience – which was negative.

    Since it has been such a hassle in the past to find TerraCycle lawn products I’ve not used them in over a year. I’ve been using Corn Gluten Organic Weed Preventer which has natural fertilizers in the product.

    Corn Gluten Meal Iggy Uncensored Amazon Store

    Concern Weed Prevention Plus 100% Natural Corn Gluten

    Espoma Corn Gluten Organic Weed Preventer

    Purchased 2 50 pound bags of corn gluten this fall to apply to the lawn. Most lawns won’t need this much product to be effective. But we have had some serious weed issues until recently when 2 empty lots across the street finally got homes built on them.

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