Can we walk on your lawn

One day when I was applying TerraCycle lawn fertilizer a young girl asked me if it was ok if she walked on our lawn. I found this interesting for several reasons. In the past I can think of only two other times someone was polite enough to ask if they could use our yard as a cut through. The other reason I found this of interest is that she must be aware that with chemical fertilizers you are not suppose to walk on the lawn after application. I’m sure most of you have seen the flags left by well known chemical fertilizer companies. I later found out that this little girl lived in one of Springfield, IL’s more upscale subdivisions. So she may be more aware of lawn treatments than other children.

The wonderful thing here is that I didn’t have to worry about telling her it was ok to walk on our lawn. Yes this might have put some TerraCycle on her shoes instead of the lawn. But it wasn’t going to cause her any harm. Some might argue that traditional chemical fertilizers wouldn’t cause her any damage either. However I’d tend to bet if we compared labels and had some independent studies done we would find out differently. Personally for me I just felt more comfortable in saying it was ok to walk on the grass because I had used a natural fertilizer.

To me this has to cause less disruption to the environment in our neighborhood. There is less of a worry about run off into the water stream. Less worry about health exposure. In the form of breathing in the chemicals, allergies or maybe long term issues later in life do to exposure. I don’t have to worry about animals eating the grass and having harmful effects. When those cats that shouldn’t be roaming on their own eat the birds we would like them not to. There is less of a worry that these animals will have problems do to chemical exposure.

Why people aren’t willing to try alternatives that are safer for the world around them is beyond me. It’s amazing how head strong people are to change. Even when presented with very valid arguments. This doesn’t even take into account that many times the alternatives provide better or at least similar results than the less earth / people friendly products.

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TerraCycle worm poop lawn fertilizer is a great product if you can find it