I’m not an expert just a good resource

When I made a comment the other day on Chris Pirillo’s website I got to thinking about how this could be taken way out of context. At no point in time would I ever consider myself an expert on any subject. But what I will say is most days if your want to learn about a subject and don’t have a 15 minute attention span then you might consider stopping by where your at right now from time to time. The comment I posted the other day was made for a variety of reasons. And was truly made from years of frustration.

Let me explain first why I thought it would be worth Chris making a stop here for information on alternative vehicles. Lately I’ve covered the subject in multiple articles. Within each of these is a large number of useful links which help readers to learn more about the subject being discussed. I have done all the leg work of finding sites that are worth your time. Your not going to have to make an effort other than to click the links and read. My alternative fueled vehicles bookmarks page also had a couple of links that would have provided a good start for reading in regards to water fueled vehicles.

I’m sure that many readers might find the large amount of links overbearing. However for me I see this as a way to provide information that allows a reader to get more than my opinion. Many of the links at times give opinions that may differ from mine. This gives the reader various viewpoints to help make up their own mind on a subject. I’ve also always believed in the internet as a learning tool. While I’m far from English literature perfect. My goal is to provide useful information on a variety of subjects. The problem is that most people like short stories and have 15 minute attention spans. Which is unfortunate because many times a story just isn’t as good if you aren’t given all the details.

Now let me explain were the frustration part of this comes in. The internet is hypocrite central. Especially with many well known online celebrities. All these people for years have stated how the online community is the great equalizer. How anyone can be a somebody with a bit of hard work. But the fact remains that day in and day out the majority of the “in crowd” are only listen to themselves. Now part of this is do to the fact that many of them write about the online community and computer world as an industry. So it is their chosen job to follow the trends, gossip and happenings. However to me it seems as if the ear muffs are on in regards to hearing all the voices online.

Oh I know many would tell you this just isn’t true. But go to a few conferences and see how most of the successful people interact with those they feel aren’t on their level or can’t provide them with a story or a new career lead. What you will get in most cases if anything is the bartender smile and nod. I’ve personally had this experience with Zone Labs employees and many others over the years.

The fact is the internet is less of a great equalizer than many would have you think. Unless your coding the next big social networking website. While I could rant and rave about this many different ways. I’ll leave things at this for now. This is nothing I haven’t said in the past in various ways.

I have always tried to give an equal voice to many. I’ve linked to many not so well known online writers over the years. Many who obviously don’t put any value in that. At times you will find I link to people I don’t even really like. Why? Because their opinion has value or they provide another viewpoint to a subject I’m writing about. And even though this may seem like ego. I truly believe at times I’m helping these people reach a wider audience than they may speak to on a daily basis. It’s my opinion that this is the true online community. Sharing opinions and exposing views that may not be heard on a regular basis. Unfortunately I seem to be in the minority in this regard.

For the record only a few people have proven me slightly wrong on this over the years. To those people I am in fact grateful. It gives me the hope that maybe those who aren’t in the limelight and having a moment to shine may in fact one day get their shot.

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