Don’t blame your website hosting company

It’s not your webhosting companies fault things aren’t running right – it’s your fault – you are not doing something right. That old argument came up again in this article – My Performance Woes on WordPress Tavern. Granted the author made a valid point that most customers are quick to blame the web hosting service before doing research into the problems source.

From what I have seen – website performance problems are about 50/50. I’m sure support staff would argue that most problems are customer created versus a problem with hosting hardware or provided services. It could be argued that customers expect to much from inexpensive shared hosting. Many might not even be aware of what type of hosting they are paying for.

Customers just expect things to work and when they don’t they get upset. They don’t want to have to spend hours searching for the source of the problem or a solution to resolve it. Most hosting providers are going to state the problem is not on their end. A good hosting provider might offer explanations as to why that is the case. If they are really on top of their game they might suggest what is causing the degraded performance. Hopefully providing steps that can be taken to resolve the situation.

Over the years I’ve seen web hosting companies play the denial game only to be proven wrong by a large group of customers later. I have also seen where the customer was running a catastrophe of a website that was overloading hosting resources.

With most things technology – less is more. Either with your web browser, computer, phone or website – running things lean normally offers the best performance. I have seen plenty of computers running garbage software, toolbars and other trash – where owners are puzzled why their machines aren’t running properly. You can explain the reason until you are blue in the face – yet they will just want it fixed and go back to their nasty cluttered habits.

I’d take a guess that many people run their websites in a similar fashion – cluttered. Many of these customers may not do so on purpose. They may not be aware of what they are doing wrong. Granted if they got pointed in the right direction they still might not fix things and run their website like they do their computer or web browser.

Of course you can’t fix a problem you are unaware of. You also can’t fix things when you don’t have the knowledge. Many website performance and security issues are simply caused by users who didn’t know something needed fixed or locked down. This doesn’t mean that web hosting companies are never to blame.

Like Internet service providers have done – nowadays to a lesser degree – webhosting companies will oversell shared hosting plans. This means they put to many sites on a shared server. If you get one of those sites suddenly becoming popular or running unclean this puts a huge strain on those limited resources.

In some cases webhost will throttle your website if it is using what they consider to be to many of their resources. Most customers aren’t even aware when this takes place – unless readers / users alert the site owner about slow performance.

Many web hosting companies will use performance issues as a way to upsell you to their more expensive tiers. For some websites this may resolve problems. There are many reports online where this did not solve the performance blues. Sometimes this is do to the hosting provider not getting the job done on their end. Other times it’s a problem with the website itself.

The back and forth with providers trying to find a resolution is aggravating. There is plenty online reading of customers who feel their web hosting company is giving them the runaround. These companies are more than aware of how much hassle it is to give their competition a spin. Migrating a website is a major hassle – even for the very experienced at times. You can read reviews & forums till you are blue in the face and still not make the right webhost choice.

I’m not a fan of any company playing the pass the blame game. Many times this is a business trying to cover up their shortcomings. But there are valid situations where the blame really does belong to the customer. How a company handles this is a delicate balance. It can be the difference between losing or keeping a customer. Sometimes I’d tend to bet companies figure it’s not worth the hassle and better to lose the customer.

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I’ll agree fully with that any day. My article linked above details my thoughts on that.

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