TerraCycle worm castings granular all purpose plant food

Here is a picture of one of the newer TerraCycle products. I’ve put┬áthe worm castings to use for the first time this year. Using the product on parts of the lawn being patched and around various plants. As you can see this All purpose plant food comes in a recycled milk jug. It’s basically dry worm poo in a jug. For more information on this product and TerraCycle please use the link below.


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TerraCycle liquid worm poop lawn fertilizer is a great product if you can find it

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  1. You found TerraCycle in the last place I would have thought to even look for it. Habitat for Humanity – Sangamon County ReStore. My mind is telling me I may have previously bookmarked that link. I could be wrong though. I’ve yet to find all my TerraCycle specific links I archived.

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