Earth friendly drain cleaner got this out of the pipes

I know what it looks like laying there on a glob of Charmin bathroom tissue ( which is no longer used in our home ). But it’s not what you think it is. What your looking at is what was clogging our bathroom drain. Build up of hair and other gunk. You would have thought that the nasty chemical supposedly professional strength drain cleaner would have unclogged this mess. But after several applications the drain still was slow to transport water were it should. So many of you out there are thinking time to call the landlord or a plumber. A valid thought but honestly I didn’t think such drastic measures were needed. What was needed was a better drain cleaner. Enter the How clean is Your House ladies ( Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie ).

How Clean is Your House is a television show which you can watch on BBC America. At one time the ladies had an American version of their show that went away. However I think there may be plans to bring it back to this part of the world. I’ve been unable to find the exact measurements to use for their drain cleaner recipe. What I can tell you is that I have seen various versions of it other places.

If you want to clean your drain out more effectively and safely try using the eco-friendly option I’ll provide below.

Cheap Vinegar Baking Soda Salt

Pour these down the drain. Do not have your face over the drain at the time. These items will bubble up. Leave this drain cleaning combination sit for awhile. Then run hot water into the drain. Before running the water you may want to look into the drain ( be careful of course ). When I did I saw that I needed to get an old toothbrush to pull the pictured mess above out of the drain. Ever since using the above combination for a drain cleaner the bathroom sink has worked perfectly with no further issues.

In my opinion the more environmentally friendly option worked much better than the harsh chemicals that we are all taught to use to unclog a drain. Keep in mind I used this in our other bathroom that wasn’t having an issue and got a nasty jelly like sludge in a very large amount. So this method has given me stellar results at least twice so far.

Earthworm Family Safe Drain Cleaner, Fresh Citrus & Sage – 32 oz

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Drain cleaner:

Put down one part soda, followed by four parts hot vinegar. Leave overnight if possible.

The episode I saw used salt as part of the solution as an mild abrasive I’m almost sure of that.

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