Weather sirens going off in Chatham IL

Chatham IL is getting heavy hail at this time. The weather sirens are still going off. We have power currently. Hail has turned to golf ball size. Major thunderstorms are taking place as well. Comcast Cable is still up and running along with the power. Central Illinois area is under warnings in almost all areas. Take cover now. Sangamon County is reported to have severe damage all over the region. Forecasters are saying this set of storms could go well into the night. Trained weather spotters reported a tornado by Auburn, IL.

Hail has stopped in Chatham. Weather sirens are still active. Unconfirmed tornado touchdown in Waverly. Chathan Elementary School is reported to have damage. Highway 111 near Waverly is reported to be closed down. Heavy cloud rotation reported over Chatham now.

Our information is coming from WICS News Channel 20. This data is coming from Meteorologist Gus Gordon.

Weather sirens just turned off in Chatham Illinois.

Normally you would see a lot of local online writers giving reports about what is going on in their area. At this time I’ve only found one article. Not sure if everyone is just taking cover and can’t write. Or if these people don’t have power at this time.

Justin Ball is credited with reporting the Waverly tornado.

Westchester subdivision our old home area is reported to have damage.

Power is flickering at this time in Chatham.

CWLP ( City, Water, Light and Power ) reporting a 150 power outages.

Decatur police are reporting downed power lines.

Taylorville police spotted tornado east of the city.

Heavy rain and thunderstorm are starting again in Chatham at 8:37 PM

Everything in my area of Chatham is sounding calm right now at 8:53 PM

A report has stated that a tornado was spotted in Springfield IL in the 6th and Cedar area around 6:15 PM tonight.

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