Darkness and high winds in Chatham IL at the moment

The weather looks as if it will once again be taking a nasty turn today. The power just flickered in my area of Chatham a few moments ago. Outside it is very dark and the wind has picked up tremendously.

Previous coverage of severe Central Weather can be found at the links below.

Weather sirens going off in Chatham IL

Is weather forecasting science or a best guess estimate

 p.s. the weather here in springfield

ALERT 1 – Tornado Watch for Sangamon County

1 thought on “Darkness and high winds in Chatham IL at the moment”

  1. Your storm is headed our way in eastern Ohio. I just planted the herbs. Hope they don’t get smashed.
    Craps???I prefer blackjack but to each his or her own. Used to win in Vegas. Ohio is one of only a few states which has no casinos. Legislature is persuing it but our Gov. is against.

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