Is a water powered car coming this fall

I’ve yet to figure out why we can’t get a sensible environmentally friendly car manufactured. We either see space age designs that no one will drive. Or we see the sports car model. Now we have another Tesla looking vehicle that claims to be a Hydrogen Hybrid Supercar. So again we have another sports car trying to get environmentalist interest and dollars. This is yet another example of a vehicle that isn’t practical for most consumers everyday usage. Tesla has stated they went the sports model route to help obtain financing for future projects. One of which is supposed to be a sedan. We now have Ronn Motors as yet another player in the eco-friendly car market. You need a score card to just to keep everyone straight. Ronn Motors unveiled a Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI) based sports car June 3rd, 2008 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas.

Now there should be many questions that come to mind with this. Has this company truly been able to producing a working model vehicle that supposedly no major automobile manufacturer has been able to successfully design? Does this water based fuel injection system really work as advertised? Many people have claimed that similar systems can be produced and these are the answer to solving our reliance upon oil. There are many others who claim this type of technology is just smoke and mirrors with no real basis in science. Will the Ronn Motors Scorpion be the car to prove the naysayers wrong? It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Keep in mind this would be a gas water hybrid. Using a gasoline engine with the Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI) ( product name Hydrorunner G3 ) produced by Check Engine Service Center in Tampa, Florida. This system is stated to help improve overall fuel economy.

190 Scorpions are supposed to be produced by October 2008.

Is it just me or does the Hydrorunner G3 look like a really nice computer case with a clear-sided window? When I first saw that picture I was thinking why are they showing me a photo of a highend computer setup.

Updated 10/29/2012

All Ronn Motors related links seem to go to non working websites now or at least bad WordPress installs.

“In September 2010, Ronn Maxwell of Ronn Motors reported that production was on hold pending its ability to obtain a long-term lease. To date, Ronn Motors has produced only a prototype.”

Source Ronn Motor Company Wikipedia

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  1. I just found this Lens on Squidoo about converting your car to run on water! Could this be true?!

  2. I actually questioned your intentions with that link to be honest. Especially considering I covered similar – actually one direct link to the product you mentioned in my previous article on water cars linked above.

    Can your car run on water alone

    If your truly interested in answering your question and not just spamming a link for profit. I think that article linked above will in fact give a straightforward view of all the opinions on the subject.

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