Does anyone make an organic drink that taste good

Maybe I’ve just gotten used to the processed foods of the world. Maybe those sweeteners that come mostly from Archer Daniels Midland ( ADM ) just make things to sweet. But I’ve yet to find a drink labeled organic that I really truly like. So far Cheryl has brought home several that just haven’t worked for me. Although she has brought home some healthier snacks that did pass the taste test. It could be that I just want things to sweet or with powerful flavor. All I know is the flavors I’m tasting in these organic products just don’t agree with my taste buds.

I’ve tried the following Sweet Leaf Tea, The Ginger People Ginger Soother, Sol Mate Sparkling Yerba Mate Lemon Lime, Honest Tea Black Forest Berry and Citrus Spice Decaf. All these were purchased locally at Food Fantasies in Springfield, IL. Out of all these there might be two that I would consider drinking again. Neither of which would be on my high list to purchase though. Are the taste buds of nature junkies just that different? Would these people claim my taste buds are dead from years of eating processed foods so that I’m no longer able to distinguish between yummy and crud?

Sweet Leaf Tea from Austin, TX just didn’t taste all that sweet. When I think of sweet tea from down South I expect a very sweet taste brew that will let me know it’s pleased my mouth and taste buds. Unfortunately this isn’t the experience I had with Sweet Leaf Tea. It wasn’t bad in the flavor department. It just didn’t have that sweetness I’m looking for. Out of all the products mentioned above this would be the one I would most likely drink again. If you look at the Sweet Leaf Tea website their FAQ clearly states that my experience should have been what it was. But for me it was to much of a plain tea taste. Maybe I should give some of their other flavors a try. I hate that their site is done in Flash only. Although there is a wealth of information to be found there.

The Ginger People Ginger Soother Cheryl got me to try and help me feel a bit better. Maybe my insides are doing better because of it. But my mouth just didn’t enjoy the flavor. I honestly don’t think it is something I would give another try.

Sol Mate is hyped as the worlds first organic sparkling mate’ energy beverage. I can’t say that I felt anywhere near as invigeratted by Sparkling Yerba Mate compared to if I had just drank a Red Bull. Maybe my body had an inner calm I wasn’t aware of. What I was aware of is the taste. Again this just didn’t have a nice flavor going down. The Sol Mate website states “Sol Maté is a modern twist on this storied herb–offering all the benefits of traditional preparations but delivered as a refreshing, lightly carbonated beverage that tastes great.”. I’d have to say I don’t agree. Then again maybe compared to the ages old traditional version I might think this drink had a wonderful taste. I’ll probbaly never have the chance to compare the two. Where the Lemon Lime flavor was it is still a mystery to me.

Now we have the last product Honest Tea. This would be my second choice out of all the above to drink again. The Citrus Spice Decaf of course wouldn’t be an option. Not sure what made Cheryl think I would like spice ( ok maybe the cut cable channel ). I’m not a spice type of person most days. The Black Forest Berry wasn’t to bad though. I think I would have preferred something with just a little more flavor punch.

In the end none of the above wowed me in any way. It must just be a me thing though. Because I’m sure Food Fantasies wouldn’t be selling these products if they didn’t sell. I think you will find that most of these products are in fact marketed well. Every website except one had the jazzy Flash production. You will find the interesting stories you would expect to find from a company that supposedly isn’t run by some mega conglomerate. Such as this one from Honest Tea.

“Ever since Seth and Barry made their first sale using thermoses and an empty Snapple bottle in 1998, Honest Tea has been brewing great-tasting tea and serving it up ice-cold and ready-to-drink.”

So at this point maybe some of you are wondering what I do drink. Arizona Tea and Lipton Pure Leaf Extra Sweet are normally what I drink in regards to tea. Neither of which I’m sure health nuts and those that support independent manufacturers would be happy about. Arizona Tea claims to be all natural. Although I think many feel that High Fructose Corn Syrup is far from all natural. They would prefer sugar cane or some other sugar source. ADM and I’m sure Central Illinois farmers prefer you stick with the Corn Syrup.

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How natural your product can be when you are owned by a mega conglomerate is up for debate of course. This could be just a bunch of marketing hype trying to make you feel good about your health and purchase. Then again everyone’s what is good for you level is different. I am however aware that many companies try to jump on the latest trends to sell you something. Like many have been doing with the eco-friendly label of late.

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3 thoughts on “Does anyone make an organic drink that taste good”

  1. Hey Iggy, I just read your blog while researching Yerba Mate. We’ve recently launched a Yerba Mate based energy powder that is sweetened with organic cane. I’d love to send you some to check out if you’re interested. You’ve got my email now so just ping me with your mailing address. Thanks, Will

  2. Hi Iggy,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and was wondering if you have ever tried Monavie juice. I love it. It tastes good and it has the Acai berry as it’s main ingredient. It is organic, and it has had amazing health benefits for me. I am anemic and it has given me back the energy to keep up with my family! It was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show as the number 1 superfood and antioxident in the world. If you would like some free info on the juice just visit my website! Thanks, Marcie

  3. I haven’t actually tried Monavie juice and honestly I’ve never been a big Oprah fan. Although she probably should be considered someone who helped keep Illinois on the map.

    I have however been interested in trying products based upon Maca ever since watching a show that discussed it. At the present time I’ve not come across anywhere local that carries products that contain Maca.

    A review of the Phix Yerba Mate Energy Drink flavors should be coming tonight if I find the time.

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