CloudFlare IP’s being blocked GoDaddy horrible service Major downtime coming

Just a quick note to explain the recent downtime. I use the CloudFlare service. The past week either the Bad Behavior plugin or GoDaddy started blocking CloudFlare IP’s. This meant that many people could not view this website.

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I’ve debated moving to a new web hosting provider for several years now. I put it off do to the aggravation and problems it can cause. For the past 8 days starting on July 4 2013 – I have been fighting with GoDaddy left and right to release 2 domains that I rightfully own. I’ll save all the details for later.

I have just registered and purchased webhosting services from a new provider. Unfortunately I can’t give a time frame of how much – if any – downtime will take place or for how long. I always hope for the best and always seem to get the worst.

I’m aware the grass isn’t always greener. I haven’t made this decision lightly. Hopefully I have finally found a host I’ll be happy with. I have done a good amount of looking the past couple of years. GoDaddy’s WordPress VPS server product just didn’t get the job done for me.

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