Found TerraCycle cleaning products at local OfficeMax

This evening after dinner and avoiding one of the people mentioned in my Al Gore article at The Corner we stopped at the OfficeMax down the street. I knew from my previous research that TerraCycle now had a distribution agreement with OfficeMax to carry the new TerraCycle cleaning products. At first we did not see any TerraCycle product in the store. There was no advertising within the store announcing this new product option. However towards the back of the store just before the furniture selection Cheryl spotted the familiar TerraCycle packaging in the middle of an aisle.

Right across from the TerraCycle cleaning supplies was a large selection of recycled paper products. These were toilet paper and paper towels from Marcal Paper Mills. OfficeMax offered the TerraCycle Natural Degreaser, All Purpose and Window Cleaner. Our local OfficeMax had two of each product. We purchased 2 of the All Purpose Cleaner and 1 Window Cleaner. Keep in mind to myself and Cheryl the ingredients on all of these products look very similar. So I’m not sure if purchasing the separate products is really necessary. Meaning the TerraCycle All Purpose Cleaner may contain the same active ingredients as the other options. So that cleaner may get the job done in regards to many task. Even the TerraCycle website shows what I am stating above.

The OfficeMax’s cashiers were talking about Clerks 2 as we were walking up to the counter. I told the one towards the back that Clerks 2 was a good movie. As she was bagging our TerraCycle she did a double take. She said she thought we were buying lemonade. I told her that is states right on the container not to drink it. Her fellow employee made fun of her and said something about how yea right like OfficeMax is sell lemonade now. They both got a laugh out of it. We made small talk about our purchase even mentioning that the TerraCycle worm poo says not to drink it as well. I think the clerks thought I was just some old nut job and most likely rolled their eyes.

Finding TerraCycle was a bit late actually. Since I just made a big purchase of Seventh Generation and Ecovers products from Amazon today. I purchased more toilet paper, dishwashing soap, all purpose cleaner and laundry soap. Even though Amazon didn’t have the version of Ecovers laundry soap we have been using in stock. We had to get one of Ecovers other laundry products.


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