URL is not valid and cannot be loaded

There are several reports from local online writers that state seeing this error or something similar. At the moment the general consensus seems to point to a Microsoft Hotfix or the free AVG antivirus. I’ve seen no reports of a Microsoft update causing users problems recently in popular forums that would cover such issues. However I have seen several threads in regards to the new AVG causing problems in regards to being able to browse the internet without problems. I think most of my readers know I’m not a big fan of free antivirus programs. Although over the years many people have sworn by them.

What I’m looking for is anyone who may have come across a similar situation. Hopefully you were able to find a resolution that may solve the problem for those seeing the “URL is not valid and cannot be loaded” error or something similar. My thought from what I’ve read is this might be something specific to a Microsoft update or maybe a DNS issue with a particular ISP ( Internet Service Provider ). However we would have to know that everyone reporting this recently installed a Microsoft update or are using the same ISP. This would of course be the same in regards to if AVG is the source of the problem. I don’t think everyone reporting this are AVG users. I’m also not sure each person reporting this are using the same OS ( Operating System ). But all of the reports do seem to very similar in nature.

This is a key reason I prefer to do updates manually. So that you will have an idea of were to start troubleshooting. However this doesn’t work for a lot peoples computing lifestyle.

Keep in mind that when uninstalling antivirus software the simple uninstall may not fully get rid of all of the antivirus components. Many antivirus vendors have special uninstallers available on their websites to fully clean their product off your machine.

On a side note Microsoft’s own website crashes IE 8 beta 1.

Ok now I have come across an issue here. When I vist that site in IE 8 beta 1 I get the site fully loaded then it jumps to this URL “http:///?up_mylang=en&mid=2” with the title Address not valid.

I guess my next question should have been are these reports happening on all websites or just some of the specific sites mentioned in the articles?

Are these users putting to use a software firewall and / or router? These could be a source of conflict as well. At the very least a software firewall should be in use even with antvirus software installed.

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3 thoughts on “URL is not valid and cannot be loaded”

  1. Iggy-

    I think the problem is not with those viewing the websites, but rather with the websites themselves. I had trouble with the Springfield Daily Photo site, but after removing two widgets that had stopped working recently (NOAA Weather and Date and Time), the problem went away. Both of these widgets had been grabbed from the same place.

    It would be worth checking to see how often this problem can be fixed by having bloggers or website admins disable or fix messed up widgets.

    Good luck.


  2. The first time I got that message, I was on “EscapeGames24”. Clicked on a game I had already been playing earlier in the day with NO problem. Got the message and noticed that where it had the url LISTED, there was and extra h in the front, said hhttp instead of http// etc.
    Don’t know if that helps, but I wonder if it’s a glitch in whatever part of the program READS the url or whatever. As you can tell, I’m certainly not that smart to know.
    I did “install” updates, auto ones that it downloads when I shut down. But I have no idea exactly what those were. Just that they were windows updates and I have Vista home.
    My home page is just MyYahoo.
    I just got the message again going to Huffington Post, but the site loaded in spite of the message. Then searched for an explanation and found you.
    My tower is ONLY 2 weeks old and I never got this message on the previous one in 3 years.

  3. I’ve not seen this issue since I wrote everything above. Granted I haven’t used Internet Explorer in a very long time. I use SeaMonkey for my browser. Honestly I’ve not bothered to do any follow-up in regards to the problem or a known solution.

    I would have to take some time to do some reading to see if others are still coming across this and have found solutions. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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