Looking for a grass safe natural weed killer

I have a really good natural weed killer. I’m also very aware of the different natural weed killing brands. Why you would need to buy these is beyond me though. Vinegar – yes plain cheap vinegar you buy at the local store will kill weeds very effectively. However just like many of the natural brands you can buy that are based partially or in full on vinegar. What you are going to see when using them is dead grass. Vinegar has handled any weed I’ve thrown at it so far this year. As long as you give the weed a good douse of vinegar and there is no rain for a few days.

The really sad thing about this is that no matter how many of you I showed my positive results to. Most of you would find some lame reason to continue to pay more for poisonous weed killing chemicals that you purchase year after year. Which makes absolutely no sense what so ever to me. But I’ve seen this time and time again. I’ll tell someone about an easy to use safe and natural way of doing something and they will roll their eyes.

End rant – not that most of you will get a clue anyway honestly. What I’m looking for but it doesn’t seem to exist. Is a natural weed killer that won’t take out the grass as well. I don’t want the collateral damage. I know without a doubt with my testing this year that vinegar will destroy weeds and grass. I’m just not wanting to have to patch the areas that get treated with vinegar. This year I have done enough reseeding patch work.

For those of you who may see our lawn. Those yellow spots are not chemical burn from fertilizer. As most readers here know I use TerraCycle fertilizer which is a natural product that doesn’t cause burn. The yellow spots are where I tried to spot shot weeds within the grass. However I obviously was not successful in this mission. What was a success is that no weeds are growing back within those areas treated with vinegar.

Why does vinegar work so effectively? From what I have read the natural acid in vinegar eats away at the plant leaves. This stops the plant from being able to grow do to no photosynthesis being able to take place. My recent vinegar application before tonight took less than a day and a half to start showing results. But with the weeds also goes the grass. So either way I have more work to do. Either by pulling the weeds with our Garden Weasel Garden Claw Cultivator or seeding after the vinegar kills the weeds. If the Garden Weasel isn’t used carefully though it can make a big mess of things. Which again leads to needing a grass patching. Yes I’m aware there are other tools that might be a little less aggressive.

The vinegar is the lazy way to get the job done. And in some cases is does look as if nearby grass will start moving to the yellow vinegar areas and start growing again. But in the interest of being efficient and yes saving some time. I’d prefer to find a natural weed killer that won’t harm grass. So far I’ve come up empty handed in my search. So have many others from a quick search engine glance.

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