Nissan LEAF I-55 Springfield Illinois

I actually saw this Nissan LEAF on Sixth Street in Springfield Illinois. We were heading to a local recycling facility to drop off some cardboard. Just as we were about to turn in I caught a glimpse of the LEAF. Needless to say the recycling got delayed and it was game on to record this electric car. Luckily the LEAF caught a few red lights and we were able to catch up to it.

When the car headed for Interstate 55 I figured this LEAF was most likely the one I had recorded in a Toronto Road restaurant parking lot. The driver passed up the Toronto Road exit. At the next exit for Chatham IL they left I-55.

Not sure if the LEAF owner is a Chatham resident. When we lived in Chatham I never saw any Nissan LEAF’s driving around. Did come across a Chevy Volt at the Apple Barn.

I had a look at the Toronto Road LEAF’s Illinois license plate. It is different from the one shown in this video. So unless the owner changed license plates – I’d have to assume this is a different LEAF. Inside this electric car was an older male driver and female passenger. Neither seemed to interested in the fact that their car was being recorded.

You will definitely see more Toyota Prius driving around our area versus pure electric cars. I am seeing more Plug-in hybrid ( PHEV ) Chevrolet Volts on our local streets. Friendly Chevrolet has several on their lot for sale. A dealership down the road from them has a used Volt for sale.

Amazingly I am starting to see pure electric cars slowly gaining a bit of traction in our community. It’s like how the Prius started out years ago. You saw a few of them then the numbers just started increasing – to where now that car is very common place.

From what I have seen – RED is a very popular color for Nissan LEAF purchasers. Haven’t see another color LEAF in our region.

If you look up top in the back – you will see that unlike the St. Louis red Nissan LEAF – this one has the optional solar panel. That panel provides power to a small battery that runs the radio and other components.

I’ve still got a good track record with my electric car ( EV ) stalking. Only missed one target recently. Down in St. Louis we couldn’t get turned around fast enough to get another red LEAF recorded.

The Nissan LEAF is now Made in the USA.

“Commercial U.S. production began in January 2013 at Nissan’s manufacturing facility in Smyrna, Tennessee.”

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