New downloads available for the Check Point ZoneAlarm Open Beta Program

Honestly I haven’t done any private or open beta testing for ZoneAlarm in ages. I’ve actually not done any major beta testing in awhile. I used to do a lot of testing in the past. Since I’m not currently running any Check Point software. It wouldn’t be logical for me to put a beta to use. There still is no ZoneAlarm product for Vista 64 bit. The two machines in our home are Vista 64 bit based. Since Check Point has been slow to release a 64 bit compatible build these machine are running Kaspersky Internet Security.

If you have a Vista 32 bit system or Microsoft XP ( SP 2 ) machine and feel like beta testing. Feel free to use the links below to download the latest ZoneAlarm beta builds. Good tester feedback is what helps products to fix problems and in some cases this helps improve the overall customer experience.

This new beta cycle introduces a new product ( as far as I am aware ) called ZoneAlarm Extreme Security. I’ll provide a few links below that will give you more information on this new product and it’s features.

The rumor mill has heard whispers of a ZoneAlarm Vista 64 bit compatible release sometime this year. We will have to wait and see if this turns out to be true. In my opinion it really is getting out the gate way to late. The competition has long since had 64 bit products available.

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Check Point ZoneAlarm Open Beta Program

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