Phix Yerba Mate natural energy drink

Last Wednesday I received a small package in our mailbox. The package contained a 3 pack of Phix Yerba Mate natural energy drink. Those of you who read my previous article on my search for tasty organic drinks will be aware that Phix Founder and CEO Will Weisman had written a comment within that story. He offered to send me some of the Phix product to try out. Which is exactly what I did after receiving the product in the mail.

That Wednesday I was getting ready to head out for a bike ride. I hadn’t read all the included Phix material before taking my ride. If I had I would have noticed that the directions on the 3 package box state that Phix is a good pre-workout drink. Normally I don’t eat or drink much if anything before heading out on the bike. In the past I’ve noticed negative effects when doing so. When I got home from an 8 mile roundtrip I headed straight for the Gatorade. This is normally the first thing I intact when getting home from cycling. I’m mentioning this for several reasons. One to point out that I can’t give an opinion on how well the Phix herbal supplement would work in regards to providing energy before exercise. I also can’t provide an opinion on if the product would help in regards to recovery after heavy physical activity. The included reading material I received made mention that Phix assists in replacing electrolytes and vitamins to help with exercise performance and recovery. This statement is similar to what Gatorade is supposed to do in regards to electrolytes. The Phix product also contains Chromium which may help prevent fatigue. In the future I would like to do a comparison test of how I feel when using Phix versus Gatorade.

So I’ve covered how I didn’t put the product to use. You might be wondering when I did drink the Phix product and what my experience was. Around 5:30 PM that Wednesday a good time after the Gatorade is when I had my first Phix packet. I chose to drink the Phix Tropic first. Filtered water from our refrigerator was used. A measuring cup determined the amount of water to be used with the Phix herbal mix. The instructions state to use 12 – 16 ounces of water. I used 14 ounces of water for each Phix packet I tested. For the first packet I used a glass cup. In later testing of the other two packets I used plastic cups. I’d needed to do dishes to have two more glasses to use. So I used plastic to drink the other Phix packets. While I don’t feel the cup type effects taste to much. I do feel that you normally get a slightly stronger flavor when drinking from glass instead of plastic.

Phix Tropic tasted like what one would expect from something labeled tropic. When you open the packet to pour the contents into a glass you smell a pleasant scent. I poured the contents into the glass of filtered water then mixed with a spoon. It didn’t seem as if all the herbal supplement dissolved into the water. Some of the mix became slightly solid on the sides of the glass. I had the same results when using plastic. The taste was a bit mild for my taste buds. But it clearly states on the packaging that the herbal mix is lightly sweetened. So I’d say the product lived up to this statement. While I would prefer something just a bit stronger flavor wise. This wouldn’t stop me from drinking Phix again do to this. There is a slight flavor that is similar to what I tasted with Sol Mate Sparkling Yerba Mate. But with Phix that taste isn’t as strong or lingering. I’m thinking what I’m tasting would be the Yerba Mate. The Phix website states that the product contains 80mg of Yerba Mate. Sol Mate from what I can determine on the bottle has 60mg. So I’m not sure why the Sol Mate would have the stronger aftertaste. I can say that with the Sol Mate this is the main reason I didn’t particularly like the flavor. This isn’t an issue with the Phix.

I was heading out for dinner after my first packet of Phix. During our car ride Cheryl noticed I had a bit of a mustache on the sides of my mouth from the Phix Tropic. I didn’t see similar results when drinking the Teaberry or Citron. Around 8:30 PM that night is when I had my second packet of Phix. I was feeling tired and figured I’d give the energy drink another try. The second go around didn’t have me feeling the boost I felt with the first packet. Later that evening I gave my third pack of Phix a try. I ended up not feeling massively energized. But then again I didn’t end up in bed until 4 AM the next morning.

The second packet of Phix Yerba Mate natural energy drink I tried was the TeaBerry. My experience was similar to what I mentioned above. The flavor has not as strong as I would have preferred. However I think most people would find it pleasant. The last Phix packet I tried was the Citron. To me this tasted similar to the Tropic. Keep in mind for each packet I used a different cup. The Tropic had been tasted in a glass while the Citron had been drank from a plastic moose cup. So there was no flavor contamination present.