Phix Yerba Mate natural energy drink

Overall I liked the taste of Phix compared to the Sol Mate Sparkling Yerba Mate. I’ve not yet tested any other Sol Mate offerings as a comparison. At this point even though I would have to place an order online. I would be more than likely to purchase the Phix again. Although I’m not a big fan of mix your own drinks. I prefer the pre-made variety. I’d also prefer to purchase the upcoming Phix Reload. To me this would reduce waste from each individual packet and the container is stated to be recyclable. Since Phix is marketed as a herbal supplement energy drink. I think the current single serving packaging is for easy on the go use. The current packaging would take up little space and be easy to carry for commuters or exercise enthusiast. Phix packets are easy to open as well. Which is a plus considering many products packaging does nothing but cause frustration for many nowadays.

Here is my usual disclaimer. I’m in the process of signing up to hopefully become a Phix affiliate. Will Weisman had no knowledge of my intentions of this when he sent the product for my sampling. Part of my decision to head this route was do to my experience with the product. I think many readers here know that at no time in the past or present have I let my affiliation with any company stop me from saying what is on my mind. Free sample or not. What I’ve written above is my opinion. If I had not liked the product I wouldn’t have hesitated to state just that.

I’m still leaning towards Red Bull if I need a major energy jolt that is going to last for a long period of time. In the past this is the only energy drink that has given me the long term alertness and feeling of being awake. That said I think at times you can have a bit of withdraw symptoms after Red Bull use. With my limited Phix testing I didn’t seem to have that occur with this product. I think most people when looking over the ingredients list for both products would consider Phix the healthier option. With any type of supplement or energy drink care should be taken to follow the instructions and to not overdue it in regards to usage.

If you would like to read more specific information in regards to the Phix product or see what others had to say about the taste and their Phix experience. Please follow the links provided below. I of course have no scientific way of testing the claims made in regards to the Phix energy drink. I’d include some of that information here but since the Phix website is done in Flash I can’t copy the text.

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