Found TerraCycle motherload at Home Depot

This evening I found the TerraCycle motherload at Home Depot. Yes for some odd reason they won’t accept me as an affiliate. Doesn’t matter – TerraCycle doesn’t seem to be available on their website. Either way I was getting desperate to find a supply of TerraCycle. And it’s obvious the company media contact could care less. So this evening Cheryl called the Jacksonville Home Depot. Yes Springfield Illinois is much larger than Jacksonville and can support two Lowe’s and Menards. But we don’t have a Home Depot.

So Cheryl is on the phone trying to explain to the man on the phone what we are looking for. She made my ears bleed when she made mention of Miracle Grow. However she did keep telling the guy to look for the mention of worm poop on the package. After a bit of searching the man ( maybe Richard ) asked for her name and number. I then headed to take a shower. Just before I stepped into the shower stall the phone rang. It was Home Depot calling back stating they had located the TerraCycle in the green house. The person on the phone swore they had at least eight TerraCycle lawn multi-packs. So after getting cleaned up it was into the car and 20 minutes down the road to Jacksonville.

After reaching Home Depot we entered into the garden center. There was no sign at all of TerraCycle. Of course we had been down this road before. So after the initial search turned up empty we head for the two swinging doors. Upon entering another room it looked as if maybe the person on the phone had imagined the TerraCycle motherload. But after going down the very short aisle and making a left turn a TerraCycle treasure trove was found.

Yes you heard it right. You can’t find one store in Springfield, IL that carries a well stocked variety of TerraCycle products. But you can head to the smaller town of Jacksonville and find a large selection inside of Home Depot. About the only thing missing was TerraCycle worm castings. Home Depot even had a large supply of the new TerraCycle tree and shrub fertilizer. Along with large size All Purpose Plant Food. The smaller version garden fertilizer was there in the two pack with the hose attachment sprayer. I haven’t found anyone in Springfield carrying this so far this year. Everyone here has the single container with the finger trigger.

So what did we end up leaving with? More than I should be able to use in a season with our size yard. We got 3 each of the TerraCycle Lawn Fertilizer two pack and Garden Fertilizer two pack. Also in the purchase we got 2 TerraCycle tree and shrub fertilizer spike packages. To finish the purchase off we got one large TerraCycle All Purpose Plant food without a spray attachment of any type.

While there is some debate within the eco-friendly community about the true effectiveness of TerraCycle in comparison to home grown or your local greenhouse tea compost. My results have been what I feel are above average. The contents within the TerraCycle bottle for two years now has lived up to the hype in my opinion. I’ll express my full opinion on the eco debate at a later date and time.

Here is a good example of TerraCycle providing quality results. A few weeks back there was a discussion that took place about how some plants on the side of the house weren’t growing. These had been given TerraCycle a few times before this conversation took place. I added some worm castings and applied some more of the garden fertilizer. After several good rains the plants that were thought to be dead were in full growth. Was it just the rain? Coincidence that the growth started after a fairly heavy TerraCycle application? Some would say yes. But I have many other examples around the yard that showed great results before the rain. And unless someone has been sneaking around applying chemical fertilizer without me knowing it. The only product used on our lawn and plants this year has been TerraCycle.

It’s my opinion that our lawn and plants look just as good as those who are using chemical products. While TerraCycle might not be natural enough for some hardcore environmentalist. It would seem to be getting the job done that I need it to. I’d definitely say that my results can’t just be attributed to a good growing season this year.

And yes Cheryl did call Habitat for Humanity – Sangamon County ReStore a couple of days ago to see if they had any TerraCycle in stock. At the time they did not.


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