Our Dyson was never broke but thank you

I’m not sure why I got an email message from a local person giving a helpful tip as to where to go to get our Dyson fixed. Unless this person knows something I don’t the Dyson is running just fine. I used it Tuesday evening multiple times in fact. Every once in awhile the release was sticking but that worked itself out. Might have been user error who knows. But our Dyson has never had a mechanical issue at any time since we purchased it. I thought I gave the product a very honest and stellar review actually.

Maybe this person thought since the Dyson sucked up some Seventh Generation bathroom tissue that the vacuum broke. One of my reasons for writing that article was to show that the Dyson was in fact capable of withstanding situations a normal vacuum would have been broken or maybe even destroyed by. Guess maybe for at least one reader I wasn’t clear enough. The other reason I wrote that specific article was because it gave me another reason to write about toilet paper that had a little less impact on the world around us. I also wanted to once again feature a product that was putting recycled materials to use.

I would have written about this sooner. But for some reason I’m not getting email using POP 3. Even though it looks as if that account is being checked. I wouldn’t have gone to check it using webmail if I hadn’t been looking for a specific email that supposedly was sent to me. I found the trying to be helpful correspondence in my Spam folder. I’m thinking that was not the true intention of the sender. The email Spam filters obviously just saw something they didn’t like. I have them set fairly high as well.

Hopefully I won’t have a reason to call Dyson Customer Service to get our machine diagnosed for a problem ever. I’m not sure if ours has the ability to talk to others on the opposite side of the phone. Here is some information that will help you understand what I’m talking about.

“New models of the famously powerful Dyson vacuums can communicate by phone with support staff and tell them the replacement parts it needs. Self-diagnostic computer chips hold the model number and even how long the unit has been used, and they alert the owner when something breaks down. You call Dyson and (we couldn’t make this up) just hold the phone up to the vacuum cleaner, which sends binary codes over the line.”

I’ll include the link to my article I wrote about that below. But to be clear once again. There currently and in the past has been no problems with our Dyson since we purchased it. Yesterday evening I cleaned the house using our Dyson DC17 Animal with no problems other than the slight issue mentioned above.

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