When good public relations go bad quickly

When checking my email the other day I noticed that someone had left a comment on this site. I was intrigued when I saw the name used for the comment poster. Imagine my surprise when what I expected to be a positive comment turns into a nasty rant and accusations. I’ve waited a couple of days to make my own comment. To cool down a bit and to have at least one other person analyze the comment and give me their opinion. My original thought hasn’t changed. My opinion is this is a real quick way to make your business look bad. It’s also not a very positive way to handle public relations.

With my quick glance of the comment. It looks as if some accusations are being made towards me. It would seem to me that the comment is questioning my integrity. Which I find odd for many reasons. Lets start with the original intention of the article in question. The intent of that article as with every article I write had two purposes. Those were to tell a story and to educate. Anyone who has read here for more than a day should know that is always how I do things. I don’t just post a picture with a one sentence caption. What I try to do is tell the story about what was taking place at the time the photo was taken. Many times I will also try to provide relevant information and links to help my readers learn more about what is pictured. To me this is what the Internet should be about. Communication and sharing. I share my photos along with the related stories. Over the years I have also done my best to give readers other avenues to learn about what they have seen visually.

For some reason a person claiming to be part of the Stilnovich family has taken offense to this. I’ve yet to figure out why. The photo in the article shows a smiling woman next to a man trying his best to smile. Maybe it is my comment in regards to this man that has upset Nick Stilnovich. Because in the article I expressed my opinion. When the woman pictured called the man over to be part of the photo. He truly did not look as if he really was in the mood to have his picture taken. Now keep in mind this might be because he is someone who just doesn’t like pictures being taken of him. The person in the photo may have been having a bad day or really busy. Or maybe as I sort of made mention in the original article. Maybe this was a situation of  “oh great another tourist who wants a picture”. Either way the opinion I expressed wasn’t meant to be a judgment upon this persons character and shouldn’t be taken as such.

What the article represented and should represent to everyone. Is a picture of two people working at a well known location within Pike Place Market. My intention with the article was until now to provide a nice photograph with information in regards to what was pictured. By this I mean giving the story behind it. Which is my story of what took place which is in fact my opinion. But on top of that I tried to use other resources to give the history of the location pictured. It seems this is also being drawn into question. Again for what reason is beyond me.

It’s very obvious to me that the woman pictured in the photo is who needs to be in charge of public relations. She saw an opportunity to have a really great positive picture taken that could in fact bring overwhelming positive feedback in regards to Stilnovich’s Corner Produce Pike Place Market in Seattle Washington. I’m not sure honestly if we had mentioned to her that I was an online writer who posted pictures with articles. I think she just thought we were average tourist. Either way she did an excellent job as a barker and engaged the customer in a conversation that resulted in the picture being taken. A picture which would have been a great public relations piece until now.

With the recent comment that has been added to the article everything has turned sour. Originally you had a nice photo showing the employees – one of which may have been an owner. I clearly pointed out in the article that I was unable to confirm the identity of that person. Which I guess also set Nick off into a rage for some reason. Either way you had a good public relations piece that gave the history of the location and an honest good review of the customer experience. At least twice I mentioned that I would be more than happy to make a purchase from Stilnovich’s Corner Produce on our next visit to Seattle. I can promise you I won’t be doing that now.