Where is my Phix

I ordered a 30 pack of Phix on June 25, 2008. When checking my order status online I see Pending Fulfillment. I’m not sure if that means the order hasn’t been filled and shipped. At this point I have no FedEx tracking number. So I would assume the order has yet to ship. My original email stated this “Our hardworking team is running around the warehouse right now putting everything in a box for you. We’ll drop you a note when it ships.” Since I’ve yet to receive an email update I think it would be safe to assume that nothing has been shipped yet.

GURU Lite Natural Energy Drink, Low-Calorie Organic Energy, Sweetened with Stevia, 12-Ounce (Pack of 24)

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Phix Yerba Mate natural energy drink

2 thoughts on “Where is my Phix”

  1. Iggy – My Google Alerts just sent this to me. My apologies. Your package was just sent out today – via FedEx ground :(. I’m trying to understand what went wrong and have asked our warehouse to send you some product for arrival on Saturday to hold you over until your original order gets there. Again my apologies and please email me directly with any other problems as I’d love to hear about it firsthand. Thanks, Will

  2. Just received the email today that my order has been fulfilled. Look forward to seeing the product at the doorstep or in our mailbox

    “We’re happy to report that your Phix is in the mail! You should have it within 7 business days, so get out your water bottle and get ready for sustained energy, mental clarity and healthy well-being.”

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