Dyson versus refrigerator

Dyson versus refrigerator? I bet you can figure out which one of these won the battle. Yes the refrigerator won the fight with the Dyson. This tug of war happened just the other day. The interesting thing about this is that TechCrunch around the same time had an article in regards to how James Dyson stress test Dyson products. What I can say from my experience is that he must have forgotten to test the cord on the Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute. Granted the cord held up fairly well considering. What happened is I was trying to wrap the cord from around a corner. Yes this was user error on my part. But what happened is the Dyson cord got stuck under our refrigerator.

I honestly didn’t think it was going to be much of an issue. However the cord was really tucked under the bottom lip of the refrigerator. I tried to gentle remove the cord. In the end I had to give a bit more of a tug to get it out from underneath the appliance. This is when a decent amount of cord got scraped up.

The cord is still useable. But I think it would be wise to place a call to customer support. I’m not sure exactly what the cost might be to repair the cord. I know it won’t be covered under any type of warranty. Our Dyson is still under it’s original coverage. This of course doesn’t cover this type of accident. I honestly never gave a second thought to the cord getting hung up under the refrigerator. I’m almost positive I had brought the cord around that corner before without issue. I’ll be sure to pick up a good portion of it next time and take it with me closer to the unit before trying to wrap it back up. Needless to say the person who sent me the information on a repair shop previously will now think they are psychic.

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