The Phix is in Champaign IL

I really should have been a bit more forthcoming in my Where is my Phix article. My intent wasn’t to present things in a negative light. Although I could see where the words could be taken that way. Long time readers will know I hate to make any type of contact with support services. Do to the fact that this can cause nothing but a headache for me. Keep in mind I could of as was suggested in a comment within the article sent off a polite email inquiring about my purchase status. So why didn’t I do this?

First off I wasn’t truly worried about if I was going to receive the product. I figured it would show up and  the product wasn’t a must have now type of thing. But I was wondering why things hadn’t gotten to me as fast as when Phix Founder and CEO Will Weisman sent me a Phix sample. The delivery time using the United States Post Office of all companies was very quick for that. So I did find it odd that shipping from the company warehouse would be a bit slower.

So why did I choose to write an article asking where my shipment was? Multiple reasons actually. That day I was needing something to quickly write about. Wondering where my Phix purchase was in the fulfillment process fit the bill. The second reason I chose to write that article was to have another reason to talk about Phix and lead readers who may not have seen my original article in that direction. This in turn might get them interested in making a purchase. A third reason would be to see if anyone was paying attention.

As the comment within the Where is my Phix article shows someone was in fact keeping an eye on who was talking about the Phix product. Simply keeping an eye on my Twitter account would have served the same purpose. Of course for my site only. Phix CEO Will Weisman gave a perfect example of how to handle public relations. He didn’t rant and rave about me putting his company in a bad light. What he did was handle things calmly and professionally. While I really didn’t need some Phix to hold me over until my original shipment arrived. This is the type of thing that creates brand loyalty. You will also be sure to have the person on the receiving end of this gift letting others know of the generosity. What this comes down to is good business and good PR sense.

Phix very well might be a growing company. Many people could tell you stories of how a business starting out did all the right things but lost track of those positive aspects as they grew larger. Hopefully that wont be the case with Phix. It is always nice to see when someone within a company takes pride in their product and goes the extra mile.

Right now there is a shipment of Phix sitting in a FedEx warehouse in Champaign IL. This is a well known college town. Home of the University of Illinois. The modern day internet browser and many other products you use in your daily lives got started there. With tomorrow being a holiday in the United States I’m not sure when this package will arrive. What I can say is it is refreshing to see someone live up to their word. It’s also nice to see how some people understand keeping things positive will gain you more in the long run versus being negative.

If I had kept my inquiry private no one would have gotten to see an example of how to head in the right direction with public relations.

Champaign is just down the road a ways from where I live. About an hour and half or so depending on how fast you drive. So the Phix shipment could be here tomorrow if FedEx is working.

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Where is my Phix

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Update July 4, 2008 4:27 AM Central Time

Jul 4, 2008 4:11 AM At local FedEx facility SPRINGFIELD, IL 

Updated July 4, 2008 11:28 AM Central Time

Jul 4, 2008 5:20 AM Departed FedEx location CHAMPAIGN, IL

So I guess FedEx is just clueless. How the package could be in Springfield at 4:11 AM but then depart Champaign at 5:20 AM is beyond me. Considering if it was in Springfield it would have had to leave Champaign in the first place to get to there.

Update July 5, 2008 9:39 AM

The Phix just go to our door a bit ago from FedEx. Cheryl woke me in a rude manner to let me know that it was here. So now with a little less than 4 hours sleep I’ll be putting Phix to the test again. Heading to Computerbanc to drop off a good amount of old computer hardware. Then it’s time to head in the direction of the casino.

Computerbanc 5th Annual Computer Collection Day