Real life Danny Deckchair completes journey

This afternoon I read a story in the newspaper that talked about life imitating art. I wasn’t aware that someone had actually done this before as well. Oregon gas station owner Kent Couch ( almost seems like a made up name for this story ) completed a real life Danny Deckchair adventure. The journey started in Bend, Oregon and ended in Cambridge, Idaho. According to the article this is a distance of over 200 miles. So what is a Danny Deckchair?

Danny Deckchair  is a movie based upon a story of a relationship in turmoil. The main character takes an adventure using his lawn chair and some balloons. During this journey he finds true love. This isn’t exactly what happened in the real life story above. A lawn chair using helium filled balloons was used. So that is similar to the movie. But as far as I’m aware Kent Couch wasn’t seeking solitude from a bad relationship. It took nine hours using 150 large balloons to travel over 235 miles. What is really interesting is this wasn’t Kent’s first lawn chair flight. He has done this two times before.

It seems Mr. Couch caught the lawn chair balloon flight bug after watching a television show. This production detailed a lawn chair flight taken over Los Angeles in 1982. Larry Walters a truck driver is the person that took to the air that time around. So it would seem this Danny Deckchair thing may in fact be a new craze. There is no mention made of the movie or if any of these deck chair flyers has seen it.

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