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I was bored earlier today before heading back to bed for a nap. So I got out some old CD’s just to see what was on them and if they would read after about 6 years time. I found some old Gnomedex 3.0 content. The first Gnomedex I attended in 2003. The pictures I took that year were taken with a really low-end digital camera. The picture above of course is not mine. I can’t remember any story behind the photo. All I know is it seems the picture was taken by RM Studios.

See Gnomedex at one time was wild and crazy. There was a time when real people could actually attend as well. But over the years all that has changed. Oh it’s true one person gets hauled out every year as an example of the every day person getting to attend. And two years ago there was a woman who spoke the truth who everyone applauded. Which made me laugh because I’m really not sure any of them understood what she was saying. Considering her comment was directed at most of the people who were clapping so loudly.

If the old rumored crazy parties still exist I’m not aware of them. Never seen them or been invited. The one and only one I got into was in 2003 and that one seemed to come close to the legend of technology parties. I guess everyone has just gotten old and boring now. They have all matured I guess and would rather forget the craziness. I’d venture to say this is what happens when you get a 15 minute attention span.

I’ve have no clue who the model is. Anyone who has a clue feel free to enlighten me below in a nice comment. I’ll link to RM Studios below as well.

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  1. I’ll see you there this year! It’s my first time going but I’ve been trying to go for the past few years.

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