We took our eWaste to Computer Banc

Last Saturday we took some of our eWaste to Computer Banc in Springfield, IL. It seems the first Saturday of the month is the only time that Computer Banc will accept most types of eWaste. This is part of an agreement they have with Sangamon County. Any other time during Computer Banc’s regular business hours you can drop off items that are specifically listed for donation on their website.

The other day we were in a hurry and I forgot to put several computer cases in the car. I’d also forgot to put a pair of speakers into our vehicle. I really don’t like calling the items we took to Computer Banc eWaste. Because a good portion of it could still be put to use today. However the processors, RAM and other components where much older computer parts. So you would be limited to using an older operating system ( OS ) or something like Linux. None of which I really have an interest in doing.

When we showed up at Computer Banc it looked as if we interrupted the start of a cookout. Later on inside the building I saw that there was in fact food waiting to be prepared. This was my first time using Computer Banc as a recycling center. The person who took care of us was the one who was outside starting the grill. He was friendly and made the process painless. A few questions in regards to the contents being brought in were asked. During this time I took a glance around the facility. To the left of us was a wall lined with computer cases. Two Computer Banc workers were discussing using an area for wiping hard drives while we waited for the inventory process to be completed. 

The man filing out the paper work asked us about speakers and computer cases. It was then that it dawned on us that we had forgotten about 6 or 7 cases in the garage as well as the computer speakers we wanted to take in. This person let us know when we could bring those back to the facility. He also stated that most likely the computer cases would just be recycled. Cheryl dropped all of that stuff off on Monday afternoon.

Over the years of doing computer build or fix projects for myself or others. The parts had started to pile up. For some time now I had been telling Cheryl we needed to take these to Computer Banc or find some other suitable method of recycling the material. Unfortunately most people could care less about doing the right thing. A recent episode of Wa$ted! provided an example of this. When a featured husband decided that the local garbage bin was the perfect place for his unused computer parts. Definitely not the person I would ever want to work on a computer I owned. But this is sadly the mindset of most of the people around the world. Even though it has become easier and easier to find places that will do responsible things with the components you need to get rid of.

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