Comcast cable broadband down in Central Illinois this morning

This morning between midnight and one AM I lost my Comcast broadband connection. I didn’t bother to go check the cable television until a bit later. Only the DVR recordings were working when I checked that. Just a bit ago everything started working again. I received no advanced notice of work being done. There is also nothing mentioned within a popular online forum related to Comcast service. At this time my cable and high speed internet service are back up and running. Not sure if the downtime might have been related to implementing a fix for the major DNS security issue that everyone has been talking about.

This could have just been unannounced maintenance or an issue that just arose that needed resolved. We were unable to get through to Comcast support services over the phone about an hour after I first saw this problem. Guess I’ll have to wait until later on in the day to see if anyone else reports a similar situation this morning. Then again since many Comcast customers aren’t awake at this time. What I’m reporting may go unnoticed.

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5 thoughts on “Comcast cable broadband down in Central Illinois this morning”

  1. That’s absolutely comcastic! This is the reason why I switched to AT&T DSL a few weeks ago. I’ve been very happy with DSL, and have convinced a neighbor to make the switch as well. If comcast continues to be unreliable, then they will continue to lose customers.

  2. Lets keep this fair. Over the years AT&T formerly SBC has had it’s share of issues as well in our area. My issue above was also the first one I have had in a very long time. As long as I haven’t been away on vacation or had someone accidently cut the cable line coming into the house. Every year when we get home from Seattle after a two and a half week vacation I come home to a dead connection. Never fails. Last year our landlord was doing upgrades to our side yard when the cable line coming into our home got damaged. Whoever laid the line originally didn’t put it as deep in the ground as they should have.

    But other than the above my connection has been rock solid. I get the speeds that I pay for as well. We could start the shared bandwidth debate. But all connections are shared once they get to a certain point. And Comcast formerly Insight Communications in our area has always offered the higher speed packages.

    Now does any of this mean I’m a huge Comcast fan. In many regards I would say no. As I clearly pointed out in the article above. There could have been several good reasons for the downtime. As an end user though I would of course prefer no offline time. While network uptime has increased dramatically throughout the years. The only thing customers remember is when their connection is down.

    I personally troubleshot an AT&T DSL connection issue a few months back. It amazed me how many hoops I had to jump through to get this person back online just because they had done a simple router reset. Granted I’ve seen this same type of issue with a cable connection. But the steps that needed to be taken to get the AT&T broadband active again were mundane compared to a cable setup.

    I’m all for having choices in regards to broadband options. However I feel things need to be kept on the up and up. Both AT&T and Comcast broadband services have had a number of issues over the years. Regionally and nationally. I have also seen one or two local online writers complaining about their AT&T DSL connection a time or two. So I’d venture to say that it’s not as cut and dry as Comcast sucks AT&T rocks.

    Granted the old saying of your mileage may vary applies here.

  3. Yellow Dog Democrat

    Iggy –

    You and your readers should know that under the new cable competition act, Comcast is required to reimburse you and everyone else that lost service with a credit on your account.

    If Comcast is non-complaint, contact both the Illinois Attorney General, charged with enforcing the act, and the Citizens Utility Board, the state’s largest utility watchdog.

    AG’s office, comsumer complaints:

    CUB (Citizen’s Utility Board):

    You might also want to visit , a joint project of Citizen Action/Illinois, Illinois ACTION (formerly ACORN), and the Ministerial Alliance Agaiinst the Digital Divide (MAADD). They’ve launched an online petition drive in response to Comcast’s skyrocketing rates and shoddy service.

    BadCable petition:

    HOPE that helps!

  4. Lets keep a couple of things in perspective here. While Comcast has had it’s share of problems technical and consumer related. I think everyone may be jumping the gun just a bit here. While I am a very big consumer rights advocate. I am also someone who tries as best as possible to see all sides of the issue.

    My downtime took place during what would be considered off hours. Many broadband providers use these hours to do maintenance. Again it also needs to be kept in mind that a major DNS security issue was needing patched around this same time. So any downtime could have been do to the network being patched against this security problem.

    Anyone who has read here for some time will know that I’m a major advocate of uptime. In this day and age downtime really isn’t something that can be accepted. However ISP ( Internet Service Providers ) do have some leeway in regards to service related problems or maintenance. As I stated above this was the first major issue I’ve seen since Comcast took over our area. I’d venture to bet I might have seen the same problem occur if Insight Communications was still running the show.

    My issue with the downtime was more to do with lack of notification. It would be more hassle and aggravation to take steps to get a small credit for this inconvenience than it is worth. Granted companies are aware of this and don’t make the process exactly easy.

    With all this in mind here are some thoughts that should be kept in mind when dealing with supposedly consumer friendly websites. I wrote these words in a thread I started on another website. While I support the need for an equal playing field for everyone to have broadband access. I don’t support hidden agendas that try to make people think a website or organization is pro consumer when in fact they are more about competitor bashing or have some other agenda that isn’t expressed in an honest straightforward manner on their website etc.

    Who is behind bad cable website?

    In many cases in the past it has been found that supposedly consumer friendly websites are nothing more than a smear campaign against the competition. We have seen all sides try this method over the years. I’m currently trying to find information in regards to a website titled Bad Cable. Using the search function on this site and other search engines hasn’t give given me any quick clues as to who may be behind the Bad Cable website.

    Supposedly the Bad cable website is an effort undertaken for the good of the consumer by Ministerial Alliance Against the Digital Divide. However I would once again voice my concern that these things aren’t always as transparent as they should be.

  5. Yellow Dog Democrat

    Iggy –

    I had the exact same problem with RCN, so I’m certainly not singling out Comcast.

    Growing up, my dad had monthly headaches with Charter.

    All I’m saying is, you’re entitled to a credit on your bill. If you don’t want the credit, don’t take it.

    RCN shut off my entire neighborhood for 24 hours. When I called customer service, they couldn’t tell me what the problem was. It wasn’t until service was actually restored that they called me back to say they shut down for maintenance.

    I was without VOIP or internet for 24 hours, and worse, I had no idea when it would be back. They originally told me four days was the earliest they could send someone over.

    Then i found the law now requires them to send a technician with 48 hours, and I’m entitled to a credit on my bill. I know its only $4, but I’m taking it, just on principle.

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