How many times can the State Journal Register get a last name wrong

Granted everything looks correct within the online version of a recent article the State Journal Register did. But I still have to ask. How many times can the State Journal Register get a last name wrong? When reading the July 12, 2008 SJR article on this years Camp COCO I came across the last name blunder. Now keep in mind I’m more than aware of my share of typos and the destruction of proper English literature. So I’m not throwing stones in a glass house. But how many professional editors does it take to get it right?

At least the only person to blame around here is me. Are you going to tell me that no one caught this on the State Journal Register’s end? To start with under the front page picture of Tony Garvin we have the last name listed as Gavin. Opening that newspaper to page four and then we see the name listed as yet another name. Garvin becomes Galvin when TD is first mentioned. Even though when Tony is mentioned just a bit before the last name is correct and states that they are brothers.

Ok with the name thing out of the way lets not overlook that the State Journal Register article is covering a very worthwhile summer camp. Camp COCO offers children that are still fighting a battle against illness or those who have in the past fought cancer a place to enjoy life and be around others who have had to go through similar experiences. Those who offer financial support for this camp should know that they are greatly appreciated by many.

Long time readers here will know a little about Tony’s journey. Recently he took a trip to WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando Florida thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I’ll included links to the articles I did on that below. I’m also hoping to get some pictures and articles on this site for the Relay For Life 2008 that has already taken place.

Thank You Make A Wish Foundation World Wrestling Entertainment WrestleMania XXIV

Tony with Raven Symone and Snoop Dogg Make A Wish WrestleMania XXIV

Benefit for Children’s Oncology Group

Benefit for Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Saturday November 13, 2004 Chatham,IL

Children’s Cancer Research Benefit

Tony was interviewed at Camp COCO in 2006 as well.

TD and Tony Garvin get some press

The State Journal Register article from that year of course can no longer be accessed. Even when doing a basic search on the SJR website.  The major search engines were useless in trying to find a valid link for the article I linked to in 2006 as well.

Camp COCO Southern Illinois University School of Medicine I guess webmasters or IT staff of well known websites just don’t feel the need to learn basic proper titling anymore.

Camp COCO A place to boost kids’ spirits The State Journal-Register

The frontpage page photo mentioned above is online as well. That content list the last name wrong as well. The picture can be found at the link below.

Camp COCO: A place to boost kids’ spiritsIt offers a holiday from cancer