Movie Stunt Adventure Illinois State Fair 2012

For most of 2012 Illinois State Fair I hadn’t seen many visitors give the Movie Stunt Adventure a try. The zip line attraction closer to the entrance of Happy Hollow seemed to being doing much better.

The young girl was really hesitant about giving the jump a try. I’m not sure if the older woman was with her – but she was definitely more into taking the plunge. It seemed like a longer wait than it really was. But after some instruction the older woman jumped ( 6:35 Mark ).

I didn’t think the young girl was going to do it. She finally decided to throw caution to the wind. Her form was far from perfect – she landed feet first instead of on her back (7:40 Mark). I thought it was really awesome that she overcame her fear and took the jump.

August 9 – 19 2012 Illinois State Fair Springfield IL

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