PEP level 2 electric car charging stations Memorial Medical Center parking garage

Unfortunately we’ve had to visit a couple of patients at Memorial Medical Center Springfield Illinois recently. During one of our visits we decided to try to park inside the parking garage. Imagine my surprise when I came across these electric car charging stations.

For some reason I recall reading an article in our local newspaper about these charging stations being installed. I am unable to find any article to back up my memory.

I’d venture a guess that most local electric car owners are unaware of these PEP level 2 charging stations inside the Memorial Medical Center parking garage. I would tend to bet that those who are aware – are confused as to who can use the stations.

Signs located right above the EV charging stations clearly state patient and physician parking only. So this would deter a good majority of electric car owners from using the chargers. There are no signs stating electric car ( EV ) parking only. So the parking spots may get taken by gasoline powered cars – blocking access.

If the electric car owner is following the rules – unless they are a patient or doctor – they shouldn’t be charging or parking there. This deters the use of these charging stations. Although many may not believe it – electric car ownership is growing – albeit slowly in the Springfield Illinois area.

I assume these EV charging stations are not free. It looks like they have a credit card reader above the connectors. The display also states you must register – but offers no further helpful details on the steps to take to do so.

If you look in the bottom left corner of the display. You will see that the unit is running on a Microsoft operating system.

Would have loved to seen these stations in use. Or better yet been able to have a chat with some local electric car owners. That evening there wasn’t an EV to be found. Still nice to see a company offering this option for the drivers who need it. Hopefully that number will keep increasing.

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