2013 Illinois State Fair Butter Cow A work in progress

I was amazed that last night ( Friday August 9 2013 ) had such a small number of visitors exploring the Illinois State Fair. Maybe it was because the clouds looked like they could produce a storm at any minute. I felt a few raindrops during our visit. Other than that the weather was perfect for exploring the fairgrounds.

One positive of low attendance is that it makes it easy to record popular Illinois State Fair attractions without having to fight the crowds.

I’d venture a guess at the begin of the video we see Buttercow artist / sculptor Sharon BuMann either finishing up for the night or taking a break. Normally the door that is shown has a plaque ( shown here ) with her name on it. That wasn’t there the on Friday night. She is shown talking to a couple a bit further into the recording ( at time marker 4:38 ).

The butter cow was on display as a work in progress. This was done last year also – so that visitors can see the progress and work that goes into creating this butter sculpture. The estimated completion date was listed as today Saturday August 10 2013.

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