Where can you charge your electric car at the Illinois State Fair

I’m not sure how easy it would be for the general public to use this charging station at the Illinois State Fair. During the fair – Gate 11 is fairly locked down to only those who have proper parking or other credentials. So I’m not sure the Illinois State Police or those working the gate would let electric car owners enter to charge.

Since I can’t find any information on this particular charging station – I’m unable to know what the policies may or may not be. Maybe charging is only for visitors who have the credentials to park on the grounds during the fair.

I’d venture a guess that very few electric car owners are aware that the Illinois State Fairgrounds even has a charging option.

If you are looking for it – the sign is easy enough to spot. If you are coming in Gate 11 after you pass most of the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture building – you will see a road where the sign is located. If coming in from Gate 11 this would be a right turn. Drive down just a bit and on the right you will find the Schneider Electric charging station.

From what I can tell this charging station is free. Just wave the RFID card located on left connector over the area in front of the panel.

I think I had just gotten off the tram shown a bit further down the road. It was doing it’s loop back from Happy Hallow. I had exited the tram just before it headed that direction.

Two Illinois Dept. of Agriculture employees pulled up in a truck as I finished the second portion of this video. They looked at me like I was some crackhead for recording the charging stations. Of course the truck they were driving wasn’t running 100% BioDiesel or E-85.

I like the barricade – this reduces the chances of damage to the unit.

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