Voltec electric car charging station Illinois Green Industry Association

This General Motors ( GM ) Voltec Level 2 charging station is hidden across the street from the Springfield Illinois TGI Friday’s. In the Illinois Green Industry Association parking lot you will find this one SAE J1772 electric car charging connector. SAE J1772 is the plug-in connector standard for most electric cars in the United States.

As far as I’m aware – only Tesla Motors has a proprietary charging connector. So Tesla Model S & Roadster owners have to use an adapter to charge at stations like the one above. I’ll include a picture of that adapter in use in a link below.

I’ve never seen an electric vehicle charging at this location. I have seen once where gasoline powered cars were parked in front of the charger. It clearly states no parking except for electric cars – EV parking only.

If you like TGI Friday’s and have an electric car this is the place to charge up your battery. There are several other restaurants within walking distance. One that offers higher-end food ( PAO Bistro ) and the other offers barbecue ( McCormick’s Smokehouse ). In the same area as the restaurants there are mixed shopping choices. Just a bit further down the street is a Sam’s Club.

You could definitely find something to do for a hour or so while you topped of your electric vehicle. Which makes this an ideal place to charge away from home.

From what I can see – this charging station is free for the public to use. That is not always the situation. Many charging facilities will charge an hourly or daily fee. The charging stations inside Memorial Medical Center parking garage in Springfield Illinois are an example of that type of setup.

This electric charging station is what you will see inside a Chevrolet dealership for charging the Volt. This same charger could be used with the GM Spark EV. Chevy Volt owners have the option to purchase this Level 2 240 volt charger at the time of their vehicle purchase.

Although this unit is General Motors branded with the Voltec logo. The station would work for any electric vehicle in the United States. Even a Tesla as long as an adapter is used.

Illinois Green Industry Association have a display each year inside Conservation World at the Illinois State Fair.

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