Live Line Demos 2013 Illinois State Fair

Live Line Demos electricity safety demonstration in Illinois Energy Zone at 2013 Illinois State Fair.

This was my first day putting new monopod to use. Video has a few shaky points. Sun made it rather hard to see what I was recording in viewfinder. Video is a combination of 3 separate ones.

Illinois State Fair photos videos

Switch60 LED Light Bulb by Switch Lighting Co

A123 Hymotion Toyota Prius Mitsubishi i-MiEV Ameren Nissan Leaf 2013 Illinois State Fair

Snapped tree limb storm damage Springfield IL May 27 2013

Severe storm Heavy winds Springfield IL May 27 2013

Heavy winds severe storm May 30 2013

Where can you charge your electric car at the Illinois State Fair

An Electrical Safety Demo that demonstrates live contact with 7200 Volts!

Live Line Demo, Inc.

Safe Electricity-Safety Resources

Keep Mylar Balloons from Crashing the Party

Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

Prairie Power Inc. a Touchstone Energy Cooperative

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