Helicopter watching over 2013 Illinois State Fair

As far as I can remember – every year a helicopter watches over the Illinois State Fair. Years ago – helicopter rides were offered during the fair in a two-seater. I don’t recall the last year I saw that – it’s been a long time. I’d venture a guess that insurance rates for those activities have forced companies out of business.

Very few people gave this helicopter any notice. With everyone roaring about privacy and being spied on lately – you’d think fairgoers would be a bit more curious.

Doors on all sides of this helicopter were open. In the back a large man looked to be seated. I never did get a clear shot of what was in his hand. Zoom on my video camera was maxed out. I was able to get a few shots of the passenger and pilot.

Even with the cloud cover I still had a hard time seeing what was being recorded in the viewfinder. I had to eyeball it.

Blame the ZipiT Mobile zipline for the choice of music.

The tail number on this helicopter is N721LL. It’s registered to the State of Illinois.

I’m not sure if the helicopter is used for media services or security. It could be a combination. On the days I attended this years fair – I only recall seeing it on this day.

Video is a combination of several recordings.

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