Cat Toy Nissan LEAF Springfield Illinois

One day while driving down Wabash Ave in Springfield Illinois I came across this Nissan LEAF. We weren’t out hunting electric cars – I just happened to look to my left and it was there. Then the chase was on. Full on record mode. Once again we see that red is a very popular color with LEAF owners. I’m still not sure why Nissan refuses to offer green as a color choice. It just seems to fit with the name and the fact that EV’s are more friendly to the environment.

So far locally it seems like we have a mix of male and female electric car drivers. It’s about 50/50 from the cars I’ve recorded.

This LEAF has the small solar panel up top that helps charge a small battery that runs the car stereo and other items.

Remember the Nissan LEAF from 2013 on is now Made in the USA. The electric motor, batteries and other components are all manufactured and assembled by American workers in American factories!!

“Commercial U.S. production began in January 2013 at Nissan’s manufacturing facility in Smyrna, Tennessee.”

We didn’t talk to this owner. Figured we probably freaked the woman out enough following and recording her car. We got stopped behind her after the turn. So I did roll down my window and said = cool car purchase!!

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