Silver Nissan LEAF Springfield Illinois

A few days ago we are driving down Lawrence Avenue in Springfield Illinois – as we were about to make a turn I tell my girlfriend that I think I spotted a Nissan LEAF. She tells me I am full of it = especially since she isn’t in the mood to EV chase.

Long story short with her going crazy and driving in a manner I would have preferred she not have. We caught up with this silver Nissan LEAF at a stop light – Lawrence Avenue and Chatham Road intersection. I got to gloat about being right a bit later.

At the light it was more important to start recording the LEAF. This is the first Nissan LEAF in Springfield I’ve come across that is NOT red.

Just before the Monroe intersection the driver seemed to speed up. Not sure if he was afraid we were electric car hit men or just didn’t want to be recorded. I stopped recording just after we crossed Monroe.

We drove behind this LEAF for awhile longer. When we got to Washington at the intersection I gave the driver a thumbs up – trying to let him know we appreciated his choice of vehicle. Not really sure the driver cared or appreciated the enthusiasm.

EV owners need to realize that people will be interested in their cars and people may do things that might seem crazy like record them. For the moment this is just part of being an early adopter.

I wish I could say the story ends there. But it does not. Because later that evening on Toronto Road as we turned to get onto I-55 Southbound – I spot what I’m sure is a white Nissan LEAF. Unfortunately it isn’t turning in our direction. It looked to be heading straight.

There was no way I could get out quick enough to record it. Other vehicles were behind us. We did trying to come around the long way and backtrack through Chatham with no luck. By the time we got back to the Toronto Road area the LEAF was nowhere to be found.

My girlfriend and I think there may have been two Nissan LEAFs at that stoplight. She is adamant that both had dealer plates. I’m not so sure about this. And the local dealer doesn’t have any white LEAF’s on the lot from what we have seen.

Since I failed to track down & capture these supposed LEAFs = I’ll never know the true story. Very aggravating to have missed the shot.

The video shows once again how responsive a Nissan LEAF is off the line. Yes they aren’t a sports car and should be driven in ECO versus DRIVE. But I’ve provided video proof several times now that these cars can get up and go.

Remember the Nissan LEAF from 2013 on is now Made in the USA. The electric motor, batteries and other components are all manufactured and assembled by American workers in American factories!!

“Commercial U.S. production began in January 2013 at Nissan’s manufacturing facility in Smyrna, Tennessee.”

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