Simple ecoSNEAKS Black

Simple ecoSNEAKS Black

Here is a picture of my new black Simple ecoSNEAKS. Cheryl and I made a shoe purchase from Zappos earlier this month. This was our first online shoe buying experience. I had been wanting to buy a few pairs of the brand Simple for awhile now. Part of the appeal was that some Simple products are made from recycled materials. Unfortunately Simple shoes are not manufactured in the United States. While I fully support any company that is taking steps to make safe useful products from waste. I’d definitely prefer doing business with a producer who manufacturers it’s goods inside the USA. The two pairs of Simple shoes I bought were made in China. This is the same exact country that most shoe manufacturing takes place in nowadays.

The Zappos experience went very smoothly. Similar to other reports we did not pay for next day shipping but received exactly that. Reading various comments on the Zappos website shows that many others have had similar experiences. I’m not sure if this a perk offered only to first time buyers. When we place another order with Zappos I’ll be able to report my experience then. I’ll include the text of the email that was sent from the company.

Good news!

Although you originally ordered Standard (4 to 5 business days) shipping and handling, we have given your order special priority processing in our warehouse and are upgrading the shipping and delivery time frame for your order. Your order will ship out today and be given a special priority shipping status so that you can receive your order even faster than we originally promised!

There are very few companies in business today that I can think of that will go this extra mile for customer satisfaction. This is one major reason I wouldn’t hesitate in doing business with Zappos again.

The Simple EcoS pictured above is almost fully made from various recycled materials. I’m a big fan of putting waste materials to good use. Recycled car and bike tires are used to manufacture Simple ecoSNEAKS. Recycled PET ( recycled plastic bottles ) are what make up the shoes laces. 100% post consumer paper pulp is what the foot forms are made of. As you can see in the picture the upper tongue is made from hemp. I’m not sure if this is the organic cotton they refer to within the description. Or if organic cotton is used along with hemp. Water based cements are used to put everything together.

I’ve not put this shoe through it’s paces yet. But so far I would have to say that I like this shoe just as much as my old Converse Chuck Taylors. The Simple ecoSNEAKS may be a little bit more comfortable than the Converse. When standing in one spot for a very long time ( hours ) you will still go home with sore feet when wearing the Simple EcoS. I’ve not had any discomfort when walking in these shoes. There really was no breaking in period. As long as you loosen the PET laces a good amount the shoe will go on easily the first time around.

I’ll be able to give more of a review on overall comfort and durability after our trip out to Seattle and back. Every year this is the true test of any shoe. Why? Because I do a lot of walking around various tourist destinations on the way out and back. At this time I would recommend purchasing a pair of Simple ecoSNEAKS. I think they are just as stylish as other shoes on the market. The construction of the product seems very solid. Yet you will still have comfort. Of course the fact that Simple as a company has taken steps to produce a product made from waste should get you even more interested in purchasing this shoe. If consumers support companies that are trying to do the right thing. As customers we will start to see more producers head this direction. This will give use more eco-friendly choices when making purchases.