Simple ecoSNEAKS Black

The whole concept of part of the sole being made from recycled tire appealed to me of course. Considering that many years ago I was a tire jockey. That is basically a term for a recycled tire collector. The person who throws old tires into the back of a semi trailer so that they can be taken to a recycling facility.

The past few years I’ve really tried to take steps to make more earth friendly purchases. I’ve tried to be more conscience in regards to the products we buy and the impact that they have. I’m far from perfect in this regard. But I have made changes that I feel are positive. Unfortunately many people around me have yet to follow my lead. Some would argue that purchasing a product manufactured on the other side of the world isn’t earth friendly. There is a valid argument to that. But I feel purchasing a product that puts recycled materials to use versus new materials is a key example of a simple way to green up your life. The cost of the Simple ecoSNEAKS is comparable to what you would pay for many other shoes currently on the market. I paid $79 for the pair pictured above. A few years back a locally purchased pair of Converse Chuck Taylor high tops ran me about $59.

One review at Zappos claims “They’re made in the USA”. Well I can tell you the two pair of Simple shoes I just purchased – which are two different types – both have Made in China on the back of the shoe tongue.

Simple Shoes

Zappos shoes

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