Simple Sno Tire Dark Earth

Simple Sno Tire Dark Earth

Here is a picture of the second pair of Simple shoes I purchased earlier this month. The shoes above are the Simple Sno Tire Dark Earth. This is another one of the selections from the Simple ecoSNEAKS line of shoes. The Sno Tire is similar to the Simple ecoSNEAKS Black that I purchased. With the Sno Tire once again we have the outsole made from what once was a car tire. Organic cotton and hemp are also used for various parts of the Sno Tire shoe pictured above. PET ( recycled plastic bottles ) are used for the laces as well as for the pedbeds. Again we also have 100% post consumer paper pulp for the foot forms.

With the Simple Sno Tire Dark Earth I had trouble getting this shoe on originally. I had to make sure the PET laces were really loose before I could get this shoe to slide on easily and comfortably. In my opinion there is less heal support in the Sno Tire versus the Simple ecoSNEAKS I purchased. However this isn’t much different than some of the other shoes I’ve had over the years. So far I haven’t noticed any discomfort from wearing these. The only issue again is if you’re going to be standing in one place for long periods of time. You will have sore feet in the end. This isn’t a problem with daily use or walking. I’ve also had the same results when standing in one place for long periods when wearing Converse Chuck Taylors. So this isn’t a Simple shoe specific problem.

I paid the same price of $79 for the Simple Sno Tire Dark Earth. This is what was paid for my black Simple ecoSNEAKS. I’d say this about average for most higher end shoes. The styling to me is comparable to any type of shoe not made from recyclable materials. So for me it is a no brainer to purchase this product. Not only does it look just as good as the non earth friendly competition. These shoes are made from durable recycled materials and other long lasting natural fibers. To me this should prove to be a worthy investment. Not only are you putting waste to good use. You are purchasing an item that should last a long time do the materials used to make them.

My only concern would be with being able to recycle the shoes at the end of their life cycle. No matter how well a product is made. There will come a time when it will most likely out live it’s usefulness. I’m not aware of any current program by Simple or any other shoe manufacturer that would allow me to recycle old shoes so that they could be made into new ones. This is a concept that manufacturers and retailers need to start taking seriously. Not just from an Earth friendly standpoint of doing the right thing. In the end it has been proven time and time again that doing the eco-friendly thing can in fact reduce cost. If old clothes and shoes are recycled back into new products. You have reduced your overall materials cost. While at the same time doing what is right for the world we live in. Not to mention the good public relations buzz you could achieve by heading in the direction of cradle to cradle.

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