Tesla Rangers Tesla Motors St Louis Service Center

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On a recent trip to the Tesla Motors St Louis Service Center I recorded these Tesla Rangers trucks. In the unlikely event that you would have a problem with your Tesla Roadster or Model S – these are the trucks that would come to give you roadside assistance.

Towards the end of the video you can hear a loud gasoline powered vehicle start up. This was a Tesla service center employee retrieving what I think is a Datsun 720 truck from a fenced in area. I assume this is their personal vehicle.

During my Tesla Roadster ride in Chicago during the public Grand Opening event in 2010 – I had a conversation with the sales person driving – in regards to working for an electric car company but having to drive a gasoline car home. At the time EV’s were still a bit hard to purchase in most areas. The options for “affordable” electric cars was also very limited. That situation has greatly improved in just 3 years.

What I asked the sales person was – is it frustrating to spend your day driving an awesome electric car only to go home inside a gasoline vehicle. Of course he mentioned that Tesla Motor employees get to take out cars as loaners on occasion. He actually looked confused when I originally asked the question.

I’ve always made the assumption that Tesla sales staff are just as much an EV enthusiast as their customers. That assumption could be wrong. For me I’d hate to work there but not drive the product I’m selling home each night. I’d have that desire to be an owner.

It would be interesting to know how Tesla Motors would feel about employees driving competing electric cars to work. If Tesla employees can’t afford a Model S they may be able to afford a Chevy Volt, Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Ford Focus EV or other electric car.

With a fairly large electric car enthusiast community in St Louis – I’m surprised some local Tesla Motors employees aren’t driving their own conversions. Service center employees definitely have the knowledge to build their own I’m sure.

Disclaimer – I am a very minor Tesla Motors stock owner. Unfortunately I didn’t have near the amount of money I wanted to invest in this company. But I do own a few shares.

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8664 Olive Blvd

University City, MO 63132


Monday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm

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