Wheelchair out runs Amtrak Lincoln Service Springfield Illinois

I’m not sure if the man in the wheelchair thought he had more than enough time, is an adrenaline junkie, has a death wish or just wants to add more trauma to his disability. We have all done this at least once – but it is never smart to play chicken with any train. Everyone thinks they have enough time or can beat the gates – until that one time something goes wrong and you get beaten down by the train.

A few years ago we had at least two incidents – I think involving Amtrak trains and collisions with vehicles down the road from here in Auburn Illinois.

You could sit by the Springfield Illinois Amtrak station daily and see cars and people trying to beat Amtrak or the Union Pacific freight trains. Most are in a hurry and figure it’s worth the risk.

On Saturday mornings you can see some patrons of the Springfield Downtown Farmers Market playing Russian roulette with the trains. Others are more mindful and wait the few minutes it takes the train to pass.

See a family that attended the 2012 International Route 66 Mother Road Festival get a stern warning from Amtrak Texas Eagle.

Yes video was shaky that day. I think I recorded this before I got my monopod – honestly can’t remember.

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