Silver Nissan LEAF Memorial Medical Center parking garage Springfield Illinois

This is the first electric car I found inside the Memorial Medical Center parking garage. On previous visits no EVs were present. I took a break on Wednesday from sitting in the surgery waiting room and took a walk to the PEP Level 2 charging stations. For the very first time I found an electric car parked there. But it wasn’t charging. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be. Those stations are not free – so maybe they didn’t feel like paying to charge. I would think you’d always want to “top off” the batteries. Some people don’t if payment is involved. Per hour rates vary widely from what I have seen posted online.

When I checked again on Thursday as we headed home – I came across another Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt charging here. The LEAF above was parked in the same spot still not hooked up to either charger. I got a close-up of the backup camera by the license plate.

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PEP level 2 electric car charging stations Memorial Medical Center parking garage

Nissan LEAF Chevrolet Volt charging Memorial Medical Center parking garage Springfield Illinois

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