Are cell phones hurting watch sales

Awhile back in the last place you would expect someone to ask a question that might intrigue me. I was asked a question that got me to thinking. The woman I was talking to suggested I write about what she had asked. Unfortunately I won’t be heading back to her place of work do to bad customer service. So if I do get some worthwhile replies here I won’t be able to share that with her. 

But the straightforward question is still a good one. So I’ll ask – are cell phone sales hurting the watch industry? The woman I was speaking to felt that since cell phones have a clock function less watches are being sold. Where she works is somewhere you would expect to provide a good sample of men to base this opinion on. Honestly I’ve not paid that much attention. With all the different gadgets out there today that have a clock function are less watches being purchased? I would assume that most people willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a tech gadget would be willing to do the same for a watch. I personally can think of only one person I know that doesn’t follow my line of thinking on that.

I have several inexpensive watches that I no longer wear. One needs the band fixed and every time I’ve gone to get it fixed no one can get the job done. I think the other one is still working or may need a battery. Honestly though I’ve not worn a watch in a very long time. I always just open up or look at the top of my cell phone when I am wanting to know what time it is. From the perspective of at least one other person I am not alone in doing this.