Tesla Model S National Plug In Day Normal Illinois

If my information is correct the driver of this Model S is a local owner. Not just someone driving through after using the Tesla Superchargers inside the Uptown Station Parking Deck in Normal Illinois. I actually expected to see this car somewhere else around the corner – but never did.

Luckily several people including a local Nissan LEAF sales person ran to catch a glimpse of this Tesla Model S. If they hadn’t I wouldn’t have gotten this video. As is I just barely got this electric car recorded. When the mini van got in the way it threw me off. So I lost focus.

Unfortunately this Model S owner just did a drive-by of the National Plug In Day event in Normal. Everyone was hoping he would pull in and let everyone have a look. But he kept driving past.

The police sirens as the Tesla Model S turn the corner was classic in my opinion. No the car was not being pulled over. Although reports are that a few Model S owners have been.

So far I have recorded Illinois electric car license plates 226 EL, 228 EL, 229 EL, 382 EL, 518 EL, 531 EL, 668 EL and now 585 EL.

Disclaimer – I am a very minor Tesla Motors stock owner. Unfortunately I didn’t have near the amount of money I wanted to invest in this company. But I do own a few shares.

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