“Little Blue” 1975 Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar National Plug In Day Normal Illinois

The owners of “Little Blue” were two of the most cordial people at the National Plug In Day event in Normal Illinois. Striking up a conversation with everyone who had a look at their 1975 Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar. Explaining the cars history and the details of it’s ongoing restoration.

That day I was mistaken that this was my third CitiCar / Comuta-Car I had seen. I completely forgot about the two others I saw earlier this year in St. Louis during their Earth Day Festival. So the CitiCar above is actually the fifth one I have come across. Considering only a few thousand were every made and only a couple hundred of those still exist – the fact I’ve seen five is cool. The number 5 could be debated since there is a difference between a CitiCar and Comuta-Car. From my reading more Comuta-Cars were manufactured – so in theory they should be less rare than the CitiCar.

I stated that Dave Yoder’s 1976 Vanguard Electric CitiCar was yellow – when in fact it was red. But I have seen two “Cheese Wedges” – the one here in Springfield Illinois and one in St. Louis Missouri. Dave Yoder’s CitiCar is the one I saw last year at an EV event in Normal.

During several of our chats I mentioned how I like to see the evolution of electric cars over the past few decades. I think it is educational and worthwhile for the general public to see how far along these vehicles have come. To see where the adventure began and where it currently is. Took us way to long to get to this point in my opinion.

I made a comment about newer electric vehicle owners complaining about how their cars occasionally aggravate them with range estimates ( this has gotten better with software updates ). My comment was they need to come look at the CitiCar dashboard to appreciate just how good they have it. Old school electric cars didn’t offer range information.

I forgot to ask if the owners have had any problems being pulled over do to a lack of a front license plate. Illinois is a State were this is required. Some Tesla Model S owners who don’t have a front plate have reported being stopped by law enforcement. This Illinois electric car license plate is the highest one I have seen so far. Not all electric car owners go with the EL plates – so there are many more EV’s on the road in Illinois than 1,216. But that plate confirms that at least 1,216 electric cars are owned and driven in Illinois. Those numbers are growing everyday.

Although the car is named “Little Blue” – she looks a bit more purple to me. Her owners actually had a discussion on this topic.

So far I have recorded Illinois electric car license plates 226 EL, 228 EL, 229 EL, 382 EL, 518 EL, 531 EL, 585 EL , 668 EL and now 1216 EL.

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1975 CitiCar gets refurbished It’s back on road in Normal Illinois

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