Kyle Feller’s 1975 Sebring-Vanguard Citicar 2013 Earth Day Festival St. Louis

Kyle Feller is a member of the St. Louis Gateway Electric Vehicle Club. In 2010 I attended that groups event at Schlafly’s Tap Room for the Tesla Roadster Road Trip driving through. Tesla Motors was doing a cross country drive to Detroit for an auto show. The drive was to prove that you could in fact go long distances in the all electric Tesla Roadster.

I took pictures at the 2012 Earth Day Festival in St. Louis. This year I was lucky enough to finally have a video camera to put to use.

Kyle’s 1975 Sebring-Vanguard Citicar shows what an electric car looked like 38 years ago. It allows people to see the evolution of this type of vehicle. Although it has taken longer than it should have to get here – electric cars have matured. Small two seaters with very limited range are becoming a thing of the past.

All the wisecracks that many might make in regards to this Citicar need to be put aside. The fact that this car is still running today shows the longevity of an electric vehicle.

It’s nice to see owners keeping history alive. Some do so because they can’t afford to purchase the newer electric cars on the market. Others do so to keep this piece of history alive for others to see and maybe appreciate. Or to keep making the “Cheese Wedge” comment or other negative remarks.

This car was American Made in Sebring, Florida. It used then and now American produced electric energy.

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