Isringhausen Nissan LEAF Springfield Illinois

I’m not sure what the story is with this Nissan LEAF. Isringhausen in Springfield Illinois is NOT a Nissan dealership. The closest thing you’d find on their lot to an environmentally friendly car is some diesel powered vehicles they sell. Unfortunately none of those cars use B100 biodiesel.

My guess is maybe someone made the unfortunate choice of trading in their LEAF for a gasoline powered car. Maybe an Isringhausen employee purchased the car and swapped out the license plate holder to advertise their employer. If it was a trade-in hopefully someone got a good pre-owned price when they purchased it.

This location was Veterans Parkway / Illinois Route 4. Not sure if the driver was heading to Chatham Illinois or one of the subdivisions located along that highway.

There is a growing number of electric cars driving in Springfield. I’ve done my best to capture them when I see them. I have missed recording a couple recently. We have a white LEAF that drives through our neighborhood often – been unable to record it so far. I’m just happy to see a good number of vehicle owners trying to lead by example with their car purchases.

The driver of this Nissan LEAF was very brake happy. I didn’t think traffic was that heavy that night. There is a benefit using the breaks with the LEAF – the car uses regenerative braking – meaning when the brakes are used this recharges the batteries.

Update 10/24/2013 – looks like this was a pre-owned with less than 8,500 miles on it ( 8,426 at the time ). Blue Ocean Nissan 2012 LEAF SL – $22900 ( Isringhausen Imports – 62701 ) – I’ve included an Isringhausen Imports YouTube video that I think is promoting the LEAF shown above.

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These may be the details for the electric car shown above.

Blue Ocean Nissan 2012 LEAF SL – $22900 ( Isringhausen Imports – 62701 )

Preowned 2012 Nissan LEAF Isringhausen Imports Springfield IL YouTube

Regenerative brake Wikipedia

Biodiesel Wikipedia

Isringhausen in the Spring of 2014 may have their own electric car to sell. From a quick glance it doesn’t look they currently offer the BMW i3. BMW did a trial run with an all electric called ActiveE. Mercedes also has the Smart Fortwo electric drive ( Smart ED ).

“the upcoming Mercedes B class Electric Drive will be a worthy competitor for the BMW i3”

Mercedes exec: B Class EV ( electric vehicle ) beats BMW i3

“BMW has created a separate sub-brand, i, just for electric vehicles, and it has said that the i3 will be available at about 300 of its 338 US dealers.”

“carbon fiber raw material for the BMW i3 is produced at a plant in Moses Lake in Washington state, which is operated by the BMW Group and its joint venture partner, the SGL Group”

“The carbon fiber plant in Moses Lake is run entirely on hydroelectric power, and the Leipzig assembly plant is powered by on-site wind turbines.”

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