Red Nissan LEAF Wabash Avenue Springfield Illinois

This Nissan LEAF was spotted while we were in a parking lot. It took a bit of effort to catch up to it – but we got it recorded. Earlier in the day I saw what I thought was a red LEAF at the local Nissan dealership. I can’t confirm if this car is the one I thought I saw.

The driver sure seemed very lane change happy. I’m not sure if this is because he saw me recording or if this is his usual driving style.

Yes the driver of the pickup truck was really that stupid to pull out right in front of an oncoming car. And yes my girlfriend should have hit the brakes when she saw this moron pull in front of us. As the video clearly shows we had the green light.

Lets move onto the Auburn Illinois ambulance in the video. I have no clue why the driver would head down Wabash Avenue to get to either one of our local hospitals. Both are only a few blocks from each other. The more direct route would have been to stay on Veterans Parkway / Illinois Route 4 then make a right turn onto Jefferson. Both streets offer less stoplights and higher speed limits. The route being taken offers a bunch more stoplights, lower speed limits and many more chances to crash into the driving public. I’d have to assume that this would increase the time it takes to get the patient to the hospital. Considering Auburn has a volunteer rescue squad – response time can already sometimes be delayed. So taking the fastest route is even more critical.

This Nissan LEAF allowed me to increase my Illinois Electric Vehicle license plate collection.

So far I have recorded Illinois electric car license plates 226 EL, 228 EL, 229 EL, 382 EL, 518 EL, 531 EL, 585 EL , 668 EL, 1216 EL and now 236 EL.

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